Letter from the Pastor

December 10, 2017

Dear Parishioners of St. James:

Praised be Jesus Christ!

God chose to become man to redeem humanity from its
estrangement from God. Man is ignorant of God. He pursues his
trivial pursuits oblivious of God’s promise of salvation. God has
revealed Himself to man throughout history, especially by
sending His own Son. Do people notice? Do we have expectant
faith? Do we wait for His second coming in the midst of an
ignorant world?

St. Ignatius continues his spiritual exercises by directing
us to see the world through God’s eyes. God looks on a world of
sin and confusion. Does He find a single person who awaits His
coming with adequate faith? God sees a humble virgin in
Nazareth named Mary. He sees her heart: full of order, grace,
receptivity, love. He sees in her the one through whom He will
save the world. God loves the world, but in Mary it is a love of
predilection. She will cooperate most intimately as a mother in
the work of redemption. Countless saints will occupy Heaven
because of Mary. The Father sends the Son as the Holy Spirit
accomplishes it. Mary is the incubator. Mary receives the Son in
her womb. The Angels rejoice inexpressibly in Heaven.

Are you ready to receive the Lord as Mary was? Men
want comfort, attraction and amusement. We seldom pray. We
watch T.V., play on our phones, seek vanity on Facebook, worry
about money, drink and use drugs, use people for our own
needs. We are often afraid of death and think little of eternity.
But the Divine Persons continually give life and love. They are
creative, self-possessed, mature and not co-dependent. They
are largely silent. They forgive men generously and show mercy
by overlooking offenses. They do not work to enrich themselves
or to advance. They are eternal. They want as many people as
possible to enjoy love forever.

God has become man to share His life with us and for
us to share our life with Him. Do we want to live and love
forever? Mary shows us the way to true life and love. Let us
learn from Mary how to love God during this season of Advent.
May God see in us the qualities that drew Him to Mary. We are
humble (like Mary) when we acknowledge God’s gifts to us and
then put them into practice according to His will.

God bless you,

Fr. Geary