Mr. Christopher Aune, Music Director

Email: Mr. Christopher Aune

Mr. Christopher Aune joined the faculty of St. James in the 2015 – 2016 school year, having previously been employed at several diocesan parishes south of Chicago. He is a graduate of Our Lady of Victory, holds a certificate in Sacred Art and Sacred Music from Holy Apostles College and Seminary, a certificate from the Illinois State Music Teachers Association, and is a member of the Church Music Association of America.

Mr. Aune strongly believes in the philosophy that true art, including music, can only stem from a strong culture that is completely immersed in the Catholic faith. Secular culture derives the good in it from Catholic culture, so this is where teaching music begins – from the Faith and and then outwards from there. Because of this, one of the primary focuses of his teaching lies in reviving sacred music. Mr. Aune utilizes a combination of music methods such as those taught by Gordon, Ward, and Dalcroze.

Mr. Aune is also employed as St. James director of Music. His favorite hobby is bowling and he shares his joy of that sport with the students of St. James by managing the school bowling club.